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How to Enter

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How to Enter


Check out the Dance!

Check out the video and dance steps found in the 「How To Dance」page!
Don’t forget to take a look at bless4’s one point advice as well!
(only available in Japanese, but there are pictures to look at)
We welcome creative ideas as well!


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Record your dance!

Record yourself dancing to the music, putting in your own creative ideas to “Let’s Have A PARTY♪

Everyones videos will be available to look at from July 1st




Send in your entry forms
via e-mail or airmail

Send in your entry form via e-mail♪

Send your video along with all necessary information about your group to :
Once we confirm and approve the dance video, we will put it up on the “Video Entry” page.

Video Format:
Please send your videos in the following format: WMV/MOV/MP4/FLV/F4V/ASF/M4V/MPG/m2ts/3GP
※Please keep video capacity within 200MB
※Depending on the video format and capacity, you may not be able to send it via e-mail. If that happens, please either use a file-sharing service or send us your video as a DVD.

Entry via airmail(send in a DVD of your dance)♪

Send your DVD and Entry Form, (which you can download here) to the address below. Once we confirm and approve the dance video, we will put it up on the “Video Entry” page.

Kawamitsu Arttainment Co., Ltd “Let’s Have A PARTY♪ Dance Contest”
141-177 Okagami, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-0027


All those who are participating in the dance contest must agree to the rules.
By sending in an application, you have agreed to the rules below.

bless4’s song「Let’s Have A PARTY♪」belongs to Kawamitsu Arttainment Co., Ltd (hereby known as KAT) and all other copyright holders. You may use the song to participate in the dance contest.
You have the right to the dance choreography you made for the dance contest. We will only accept one video per group. Please note, you can not edit your video after you send it to us, and send us another one. We will use the first video.
We will have the right to use your video for free in the following manner:

  • 1)Putting it up on You Tube and putting it up on the LHAP Dance Contest Official Page
  • 2)TV, Magazines, the web, and other media to advertise the dance contest
  • 3)In any other way for the benefit of the dance contest (relating to the dance contest), and any future contests KAT may hold

2)Prohibited Acts
・You are not allowed to use footage that others have made, other people’s choreography, company names, products, or copyrighted material without their consent. We will not accept videos that offend public order and morality.
・If there are people that are not in your group that are in the video, you will have to get their consent and let them know that they apply to the rules that are written here.
・You are forbidden to put up the dance video you entered in the contest on your own SNS, blog, web site, etc. from June 2015 to August 31st, 2015.
・If you send a video that is not in line with our rules / guidelines, we will not admit your entry to the dance contest. If we find you have broken the rules after we have admitted your entry, we have the right to withdraw you from the contest.

3)Revision of Rules・Cancellation of Contest / Age Division
・We have the right to revise the rules at any time without notifying contestants before-hand.
・We have the right to cancel the contest if there aren't enough participants.
・We have the right to close up divisions(KIDS, TEENS, and/or ADULTS) if there aren't enough participants. (5 groups per age division)

4)Immunity・Damage Claim
・If we get a damage claim or any kind of negative claim from a third party because of a video you entered in to the contest, contestant agrees to take responsibility and clear up the problem by negotiation or by compensating for the damage. If damage comes upon KAT because of this, you agree to compensate for the damage taken up on KAT.
・We will not take any responsibility for damage or heat the contestant takes unless KAT was responsible for the cause.

5)Privacy Policy
We will use the personal information you have given us to send information and prizes related to bless4 and “Let’s Have A PARTY♪” Dance Contest. / Concert. We may send information concerning further contests, auditions, etc. We will not show or share your personal information to other groups or companies, unless asked to in the court of law.

7) Other
□You will need your parent / guardian’s consent to enter this contest if you are under the age of 15
□Any postage or communicating fees will be paid by the contestant when applying or inquiring about the LHAP Dance Contest.
□Any fees contestants related to attend the Final Round, including transportation, hotel accommodation, parking, food, etc. must be paid for by the contestant.
□You can not give your prize benefits to another group
□We will not pay any sort of guarantee for your group to be in the PV shooting
□We will not pay for fees related to the PV shooting, including transportation, hotel accommodation, parking, etc.

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